I’m a new Cub leader, or parent – what now?

On this page you’ll find a link to a .pdf document that explains, briefly, any the positions you can have in Cubbing — Tiger partner, Den Leader, Cub Master, Committee Member.  This information is current as of October 2013.

If you just came from a meeting in which you volunteered to take a leadership position — or think you “got volunteered” — this is the place you come to put your mind at ease.  Look through the material below, marked by the patches that leaders in those positions put on their uniform shirts, and download the short .pdf file that explains what that position is, and how to do it.

Scouting is a great adventure, and it could be a long one; here’s a short guide to get you on the right path:

So You’re a Den Leader

Everything a Den Leader needs to get rolling.


So You’re A New Den Leader – Eng/Span

The low down on how to get your Den running in tip top shape and keep it that way. English and Spanish.


Tiger Cub Den Leader patch

So You’re A New Tiger Cub Den Leader

Because not all cubs have the same needs. Go get ’em tiger.


Pack Committee patch

So You’re A New Pack Committee Member

Get the goods on how to help out with your Pack and, hey, thanks for getting involved!


So You’re A New Webelos Leader

Giving Cubs a leg up on making the leap to Boy Scouting.


Cubmaster patch

So You’re A New Tiger Cub Leader


Reverse of Boy Scout Commemorative dollar, for 100th anniversary

You’re a new Cub’s parent? No patch for that, but here’s some information

Cub Scout Parent Information Guide

Knowledge is power. Having all the data about Cub Scouting will make you a hero to your Cub.


Leave No Trace - Outdoor Ethics patch

Outdoor Events For New Cub Scouts

Cub Scouts love camping. It’s that simple. This ready-made camping itinerary makes it easy get your pack outside overnight.


Leave No Trace - Outdoor Ethics patch

Cub Scout Outdoor Program Guidelines

If you’re going camping with your Cub Scouts, we’ve got rock solid information to make your outing a success.


Leave No Trace - Outdoor Ethics patch

Connecting Core And Outdoor Activities

Citizenship, Compassion, Cooperation and Courage. Not too shabby.



Question, or something to add? Leave comments here. All comments should follow Scout Oath and Law.

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