Schedule changes in sign-up nights for some Lancaster and Cedar Hill schools

“The Ideal Scout,” by R. Tait MacKenzie; this first version resides just outside the offices of the Cradle of Liberty Council, BSA, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Where have you seen other replicas of this statue?

Please note the schedule changes in sign up nights for these five schools only, as follows, according to a message from District Executive Andrew George:

  • Beltline Elementary (Lancaster) has been CHANGED to 9/24 at 5:30pm.

  • Houston Elementary (Lancaster) has been CHANGED to 10/10 at 6:00pm.

  • Highlands Elementary (Cedar Hill) is SCHEDULED for 9/25 at 7:00pm

  • Rolling Hills (Lancaster) is SCHECULED for 9/24 3:30pm-4:00pm and 7:00pm-7:30pm.

  • Pleasant Run is (Lancaster) SCHEDULED for 9/26 at 3:30pm-4:00pm & 7:00pm-7:30pm.

Rolling Hills and Pleasant Run have two times listed.  Principals said it would be difficult to get parents to come back to the school. Council decided to have two JSN sessions, one for when the parents pick up children after school, and another for those who ride the bus, whose parents want to return later.

Want to join Scouting, for the adventures of a lifetime?


When is the best time to join Scouting?

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Symbols of a boy having a good time growing, and growing up.

Right now.

Scouting is a year around activity.  Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts and Venture Crew members do stuff every month of the year.  Waiting to sign up means you’ll miss some of the fun.  Why wait?

Want to join?  Want to find a Cub Pack, or a Boy Scout Troop, or a Venture Crew?  Check around this site.  If you live in Southwest Dallas County, Texas, in Lancaster, DeSoto, Cedar Hill or Duncanville, there is probably a unit close to you.  Find out when they meet, and sign up.  Or contact the leaders and ask questions.

Scouting is the adventure of a lifetime.  Sign up today.

Wisdom Trail District is one of a dozen areas organized under Circle 10 Council, BSA.  Wisdom Trail’s volunteers and Scout units serve youth in the four cities of Southwest Dallas County — though some boys come from other cities as well.  This site is intended to help you find a unit where you or your boy can have fun, and be a Scout.

The trail of adventure is calling.  You can start right here in Wisdom Trail District.

What are you waiting for?

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