Join Scouts in Wisdom Trail District!

Join Scouting in Wisdom Trail District!

Join Scouting in Wisdom Trail District!

These pages are intended to help boys and volunteers match up with Boy Scout units in Southwest Dallas County — Duncanville, Cedar Hill, DeSoto and Lancaster.  Look around to see if you find what you need to know.  Ask questions if you don’t see answers to your questions.

Now is a good time to join Scouting, and there will never be a better time.  Sign up for the adventure today!

How do we sign up?

Cub Scout Packs and a few Boy Scout Troops will be recruiting at schools in all four Best Southwest cities, starting last week and continuing through October.  Watch for posters and announcements of recruiting at your school.

Several Troops have open house nights through the year — that’s a good time to sign up.  Or, they may be doing service at public events.  Even if there is not a recruiting booth, ask any Scout or Scouter about how you can sign up.

Also, you should feel free to contact units to ask to join.


Question, or something to add? Leave comments here. All comments should follow Scout Oath and Law.

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